Door County: Day 2

Saturday, our second day in Door County, we woke up early, with a mission: get in to the White Gull Inn, to taste what Good Morning America called the best breakfast in America (which I, despite many pilgrimages to its town, Fish Creek, had never been to). The restaurant was constantly, we’d heard, packed. Luckily, … More Door County: Day 2

To Do: Surfing

My dream is to become a surfer. A tried-and-true California surfer. Unfortunately, geography is the problem. Yet again. But I did get the opportunity to learn to surf last February in La Jolla, California. I’ve never experienced two hours going faster than they did that day. My younger sister and I rented two super-long yellow … More To Do: Surfing

Summer Skiing

So, this past winter I learned to downhill ski. I’m very rarely nervous when it comes to athletics, but I have to admit I was very hesitant while learning. I think it had to do with the miserable falls I took all winter the year before while trying to learn to snowboard. Take note: A-Basin … More Summer Skiing