Summer Skiing

So, this past winter I learned to downhill ski. I’m very rarely nervous when it comes to athletics, but I have to admit I was very hesitant while learning. I think it had to do with the miserable falls I took all winter the year before while trying to learn to snowboard. Take note: A-Basin in Colorado, although a stellar place to ski, is not an ideal place to learn.

But as soon as I got the hang of downhill skiing, I loved it. I had thought water and cross country skiing was the only skiing for me. I was wrong. Within a week I was going down blue trails and even did a couple black diamonds, although the black diamonds were, I have to admit, on an easier mountain. Here, I have to give credit where credit is due: Ski Cooper is an awesome place to learn to ski. It’s cheaper, less busy, and if the conditions are right, the snow is great.

Anyway, I was browsing the other day and came across this great blog post about skiing in summer. I’ve wanted for a while to plan a ski trip with my sister (who is more hardcore than I am and can snowboard like a beast) to Colorado over a spring break. And this article made me realize there are options for even later in the year. The places look awesome, though most are in the southern hemisphere and harder to get to (seeing as, duh, it’s their winter).

But the article does mention three places you can still hit in summer that are in North America: Blackcomb Glacier in British Columbia, Tordrillo Mountains of the Alaska Range in Alaska, and Timberline Lodge & Ski area in Mt. Hood, Oregon.

I myself want to try out Blackcomb Glacier. I’ve wanted to see British Columbia since Vancouver hosted the Olympics in 2010. And at the mountain, the author, Kate Siber, says it takes a 45 minute lift ride to get to the top. But you know no one would bother with such a long lift if it weren’t for the awesome views and incredible runs. Maybe next spring break! Where would you ski if money and time were no issue?

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