To Do: Surfing

My dream is to become a surfer. A tried-and-true California surfer. Unfortunately, geography is the problem. Yet again.

But I did get the opportunity to learn to surf last February in La Jolla, California. I’ve never experienced two hours going faster than they did that day.

My younger sister and I rented two super-long yellow boards and wetsuits from one of the downtown surf shops. We hauled the boards down the beach and got started.

La Jolla beach
Surfers, La Jolla, California

We didn’t have lessons; we winged it. And we actually did okay. But, that’s probably because we both knew how to water ski, and we both knew the basics of snowboarding; I had also wakeboarded. I assumed the methods were similar. I can tell you though, you should not lean back as far as you do while wakeboarding. That doesn’t work.

Dairyland Surf Classic, Sheboygan, Wisconsin

My more recent attempted experience with surfing was a little trip my family took to try to go see the Dairyland Classic— the largest freshwater surfing competition in the world– in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. We went this past fall (when surfing is best on Lake Michigan), only to find the surf competition had been postponed due to a major lack of wind. That’s Wisconsin weather for you.

This summer, my sister and I plan to go back to Sheboygan, rent some boards (which you can do in Wisconsin, believe it or not) and try to catch some waves.

Can any of you readers surf? Where’s your favorite place to do it?

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  1. As a native Wisconsinite turned san Diegan surfer – this is awesome!. I had no idea that Sheboygan was home to the largest freshwater surfing competition. Who knew. I really got a kick out of seeing the pic of the guy tearing it up on those Sheboyg waves! haha

    I moved to San Diego from SE Wisconsin about a year ago, starting surfing, and have loved it ever since! SoCal is a world renowned surfing region, and although I hear the waves this year have been below standard, it’s still a great privilege and a great pleasure just to be in the water. Swami’s in North SD County is a great wave, but like many areas in SD it is very crowded. I prefer other spots nearby where there are more breaks for those of us who just want to catch waves over and over. And of course, the surfer’s mecca- the islands of Hawai’i is a place every surfer wants to go, and I hope to get there soon.

    Anyway, I’m sure you’ll be out here soon if you got a taste of surfing and enjoyed it. best of luck!

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