‘Three Awesome Things’

Recently, it was recommended to me to keep a running list of all ‘Three Awesome Things’. I liked the idea, so for all readers’ convenience, I have compiled a list of all interesting events, attractions, and places that I post on the blog. It’s all in one place so now you can scroll through, learn a little about each event, and click on any links listed to learn more.

My Bucket List

I have written many posts on all the places I want to go and the things I want to do, but I thought it would be a good idea put together a comprehensive bucket list. If you click on this link, you’ll find a full list of places I want to visit. It’s not exhaustive — I know I’ve missed plenty of cool places. But for now, it will do. Feel free to add suggestions for me!

Book Reviews

Part of being a traveler is reading the stories of travelers before us. All of us do it, whether we’re on the road, or looking for a way to armchair travel for a while. This page is still being put together, but what I want to do is put together a whole list of book reviews for any fellow travelers looking for a good read. Stay tuned! The page will be up soon.

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