Door County: Day 3

And our last day in Door County: We started off our morning in Sister Bay, for breakfast, at Al Johnson’s Swedish Restaurant Butik. Besides great food, its claim to fame? The fact that goats hang out on their grass roof. We both ordered the Swedish pancakes. Mine came with a pile of strawberry sauce and a foot-high … More Door County: Day 3

Door County: Day 2

Saturday, our second day in Door County, we woke up early, with a mission: get in to the White Gull Inn, to taste what Good Morning America called the best breakfast in America (which I, despite many pilgrimages to its town, Fish Creek, had never been to). The restaurant was constantly, we’d heard, packed. Luckily, … More Door County: Day 2

Future Location: Chicago

Alright—I lied. Sorry. Today’s post is not about San Diego. It’s about Chicago, the windy city of the Midwest. I’m sorry—I don’t even have an excuse. My reasoning is that I just found an apartment building online in Chicago that looks beautiful, with windows overlooking the skyline and everything. I’m so excited about someday maybe … More Future Location: Chicago