Three Awesome Things: Second Edition

Well, we’re due for another round of Five Awesome Things. However, this week, I will be cutting it down to just Three Awesome Things. This will mean you will hear about only the best of the best from me. This week’s topics were all suggested to me in press releases from various contacts within the last seven days. They are listed in order from very cool, to cooler, to coolest. So, here goes. Enjoy!

1. It’s a good time to visit the Biltmore House in Asheville, NC.Photo source:

From the press release:

“Now through late March – when we offer some of the best deals of the year – Biltmore House offers a warm escape into a bygone era replete with rare artwork and inspiring architectural details. This is the time of year when the estate is quiet, giving guests time to discover all the extra touches throughout the home and elsewhere on the property.”

Why I would go:

As the press release says, the Biltmore was built in an era much different than that today, and by George and Edith Vanderbilt no less, so it holds a lot of historical appeal. I can imaging pretending to be any number of historical elite while staring out at the expansive estate. Most of all though, I am sold on the estate’s aesthetic beauty. The inn is a sight to see itself, with its old and beautiful architecture and the gorgeous Blue Ridge Mountains that surround it. This American scene alone creates two more convincing reasons for me to visit: gorgeous views and incredible hiking, both made only more appealing by the ability to retire for tea to a luxurious, elegant guest room whenever I like.



2. Now is also a good time to track moose in Maine.

Photo source:

From the press release:

“According to state wildlife biologists, 75,000 moose reside in Maine, with about 1.3 moose per square mile in the Moosehead Lake vicinity. I knew from an earlier conversation with Ed, who runs Moose Country Safaris & Eco Tours, that we were going to canvass a wide swath of wooded land and shoreline near the lake. Since moose typically roam within a two- to four-mile radius, I imagined a veritable petting zoo of Bullwinkles.”

Why I would go:

I have seen elk and mule deer in Colorado, and innumerable white-tailed deer in Wisconsin — but I have never seen a moose in the wild. Additionally, I have always wanted to go to Maine, for the lobster, the wilderness, and to see its seafaring towns. Combining these two trips sounds like an awesome plan. And, I think I would like to use a tour company that knows just a little more than me about moose tracking, since I know . . . nothing at all . The company used in this press release and article is Moose Country Safaris & Eco Tours, run by Ed Mathieu.


The full article can be found at the Washington Post.

Moose Country Safaris & Eco Tours:

3. The 8th Annual Los Angeles Travel & Adventure Show takes place soon.

Photo source:

From the press release:

“The Culinary Stage at the 8th Annual Los Angeles Travel & Adventure Show is perfect for attendees looking to experience cuisine from around the world and learn from expert chefs and wine connoisseurs. Hosted by Chef Darrell “Das” Smith, a contestant on the Next Food Network Star, Chef Das will provide a combination of entertainment and information for the ultimate international experience.”

Why I would Go: This is my favorite event advertised to me this week; I would go in a second if given the chance. Besides my friends and family, my top three favorite things in life are: travel, food, and adventure. This event literally encompasses these interests and only these. And besides offering the chance to learn about the food, wine, and culture of countries around the world, the event is hosting amaaaaazing speakers. They include (and try not to swoon):

  • Rick Steves, host of his popular travel show, Rick Steves’ Europe
  • Jean-Michel Cousteau, world famous explorer, diver, and environmentalist;
  • Pauline Frommer, Guidebook author;
  • Peter Greenberg, America’s most recognized travel journalist;
  • Richard Wiese, host of ABC’s Emmy-nominated program, Born to Explore with Richard Wiese;
  • Patricia Schultz, author of best-selling travel book, 1,000 Places to See Before You Die;

Oh, and Chris Harrison from The Bachelor is also speaking , but I really didn’t think you guys would care that much. Sorry, Chris.


The 2013 Los Angeles Travel & Adventure Show will take place January 12-13 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Long Beach Convention Center, 300 E. Ocean Blvd., Long Beach, CA 90802. Tickets are available online for $9 with Promo Code “LAPR” or at the door for $12. Children under 16 years old are free. For tickets and event information, visit, email, or call 203-878-2577.


  1. I think my goal for my blog will be to grow it over the course of 2013 so that I can claim that I have a reason to attend the NY Times travel show in January 2014! It’s a little closer/more attainable than LA, though perhaps an even better goal would be to go to both!

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