10 Things Not to Miss in Madrid

10 Things Not to Miss in Madrid

When I was in high school, my Spanish class was scheduled to travel to Spain and Italy. I worked extra hours, saved up and planned to go, but then the trip was cancelled. I was heartbroken, and yearned to still visit Spain. Finally, ten years later, I got the chance. My sister and I made [...]

Art of the Sea

One of my passions in life is art. I was an art student throughout high school and fell in love with a variety of mediums and artistic qualities, especially pastels, bold colors, texture, and life. Unfortunately once I began college the time and materials I had at my disposal diminished, and I ended up somewhat [...]

The Beat

Welcome to the All Aboard Beat-- the place to go for all things travel. I'll cover the art, music, culture, and history that has made the world we live in today. The economy may be down, but don't worry-- I've got you covered. Just keep up with the Beat and I'll take you around the [...]