Cuba No Longer Off-Limits

Direct travel to Cuba from the United States is no longer banned.  This is big news.

The streets of Trinidad, Cuba
Trinidad, Cuba

Oakland International Airport in California has just been authorized to offer nonstop flights to Havana. The airport is not the only airport to do so either–Chicago, Dallas/Fort Worth and Baltimore, that were authorized in March to fly to Cuba.

This ban-lift is something I’ve dreamed about for some time. Now, I can explore the exotic country I’ve dreamed about since I was a teenager.

Note: you can read more about the lifted ban here.


6 thoughts on “Cuba No Longer Off-Limits

    1. Thanks for the comment! I’m a bit jealous that you have Cuban in your heritage. I’ve always loved Cuban culture, especially the music. Here’s hoping we can both visit one day.

    1. Hi Vago,

      You do have the gist of it. According to the article I looked at on The Seattle Times’ website:

      “The travel changes announced in January do not affect the ban on U.S. tourism, meaning that those most interested in soaking up the sun at Cuban beach resorts will have to wait awhile longer. Most trade remains barred.

      But the new policies open possibilities for academic and religious groups. Accredited educational institutions can now apply to operate in Cuba under a license that authorizes students, faculty and staff to take credit courses toward a degree, conduct graduate research and teach a 10-week course at a Cuban academic institution. Members of incorporated religious organizations can also apply for a general license to participate in religious activities.”

      Tourism will take awhile to catch up, but it’s a step toward opening it up for tourism.

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