Borrowed Holidays

I am proposing an idea in honor of Cinco de Mayo, which I think should be extended to other holidays: I’m going to start borrowing other countries’ holidays.

I would love to go to the streets of Spain for La Semana Santa, celebrate Carnival in Brazil instead of Martis Gras in Wisconsin. But I can’t, for all the regular reasons (work, school, lack of funds . . . ). But I can still celebrate the holidays, even if I am smack-dab in the middle of the Midwest.

So I intend to augment the list of holidays I usually celebrate this year, for several reasons, namely:

1. I want to cook food that is more exciting than hamburgers (as much as I love them).

2. Winter (and even spring) in the frigid north needs more color and joie de vivre (decorations, music, food, company, exotic drinks) 

3. Why not celebrate?

I don’t mean to take what’s not mine, but I would like to enjoy the holidays other cultures enjoy; they’re unique, and I think as Americans, sometimes we don’t take enough time off to celebrate what we have. I understand Cinco de Mayo is yours, México, but I’m going to borrow it. Pérdoname!

And if you are of the same mindset, do the same. I found this delectable list of Cinco de Mayo comida at Coastal Living’s (one of my favorite magazines!) website here. I think I’m going to try to make the Tequila Shrimp and Citrus. What will you try?

And however you celebrate, enjoy!


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